"Never leave home without it. Loved by all it's recommended to."

Andy Murphy

Unbelievably accurate.

Brolly is a new app that tells you when it’s going to rain with unbelievable accuracy. Heading out for a run or cycle? Taking the dog for a walk? About to wash the car? Don’t guess whether it’s going to rain anymore. We’ll tell you!

Predictions when you need them.

Brolly is all about here and now. There’s no long-term forecast, no “feels like”, no 20% chance of rain; just a crystal ball view into the the next hour or two so you can plan with confidence.

Deep analysis.

Brolly does deep analysis of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology’s forecasts and rain radars to predict when, where and how much it will rain. The predictions are constantly updated, down to the minute the shower strikes.


Upgrade to an Extra-Dry subscription and laugh in the face of “chance showers”.
An Extra-Dry subscription includes push notifications for up to an hour’s early warning of inbound downpours.